Firm Overview

Price-CO Law

Price-CO Law handles commercial litigation & business transactions, regulatory compliance & oversight, general claims relating to commercial real estate, evictions, and other real property matters for landlords and tenants. It also assists and negotiates in the resolution of distressed assets, troubled loan credits, and equity portfolios.

Price-CO Law is the recognized expert in Georgia as distressed asset attorneys and on Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) negotiations and distressed asset resolution. Its attorneys’ expertise comes from years as loss-share auditors on behalf of the FDIC monitoring the compliance of assuming institutions and structured sale purchasers with their respective Shared-Loss and Participated Interest Agreements.

The attorneys at Price-CO Law have unique experience in the administration of and the law surrounding FDIC Receiverships, Public Private Investment Partnerships, Shared-Loss Agreements and the Investigations of Directors and Officers, Targeted Loans, and Accountant Liability Claims.