Financial Institutions

The attorneys at Price-CO Law have many years of experience working in the complex midst of the aftermath of failed FDIC insured banks.  Price-CO has provided its expert legal representation to both failing banks and acquiring banks.  

Our attorneys also have years of experience working for the FDIC itself and capitalizes on that knowledge to attain the best outcome possible for its client. Price-CO is Georgia’s recognized expert in this area of law and no other firm has the specialized, intimate knowledge of how to perform when these complex circumstances arise.

Price-CO provides the following services for FDIC insured banks and Federally Insured Depository Institutions, including Assuming Institutions:

  • Negotiation with FDIC
  • Challenging inconsistent and incorrect FDIC interpretation of Shared-Loss Agreements (LSAs)
  • Pre-audit testing
  • Remediation of findings
  • Implementation of internal controls
  • General shared-loss administration advice
  • Operational efficiency of business processes
  • Policy and procedure refinement
  • Implementation of certificate reconciliation checklists
  • Challenging inconsistent and incorrect FDIC LSA guidance
  • Interpreting and issuing opinions and statements of position on LSAs