Expert Testimony

The attorneys at Price-CO Law can also provide expert testimony as witnesses in proceedings where valuation is at issue, most common, in bankruptcy proceedings. Expert testimony is an essential part of both borrowers’ and lenders’ cases in chapters 7, 13, and chapter 11 (including subchapter V) bankruptcy.

The principals of Price-CO Law are recognized by courts as being Daubert certified. Their expert real estate and banking knowledge can be vital to making your case in court.


The attorneys at Price-CO Law recognize the gravity of litigation and manage cases to lessen client stress. This ensures that each advance will yield the maximum impact for them.

The decision to engage in litigation is difficult. Our clients can rest assured that even in the most stressful and disconcerting event of a lawsuit, their interests are being represented by attorneys with both cutting edge knowledge of the law and years of tactical trial experience.

We are involved in some of the most innovative, sophisticated, and complex Landlord and Tenant litigation cases in Georgia. For select institutional clients, our exclusive use of industry-leading proprietary software, allows us to handle thousands of dispossessory cases at a time. Our client-owners may more efficiently manage their portfolios by receiving case status updates and interacting directly with counsel through their eviction management dashboards.